What is tier system in one ai

I got an update about the Tier system.
but I am not able to understand it.
I am paid $1000, and my usage limit is $10,000.
Is there anyone who can explain it?
I am not able to understand.
Tier 5 $1,000 paid and 30+ days since first successful payment $10,000 / month.
Did I get more money to use?

It’s actually quite simple:
You pay.
Then you get more calls per day and tokens per minute the more You pay.

I sometime experience these types of misreadings, too. So no biggie.

Have fun with the API!

but i don’t get i pay $1000 and usage limit is $10,000 /month what thats means
and what paid and 30+ days since first successful payment that sentence what to say.

did there is any expire date of my balance ($1000)

The waiting periods effectively mean that:
OpenAI will make you wait before your account will be upgraded to the next tier.

Pay 5$ today: Tier 1
Pay 25$ tomorrow: still Tier 1
One week later: Tier 2

And so on until you reach the highest tier with a 30 day waiting period and 1000$ paid.

This is likely due to compute capacity constraints.

The limit is your monthly spend limit. You will be able to continue to add and use for example $500 per day, but the whole account will be cut off from spending even with more money you want to pay at that monthly limit to reduce OpenAI’s risk.

You are not granted a credit or account for your “limit”. That’s only you accumulated max spend per month allowed.

If you are at the point where you are requesting $20k+ per month, you might find out what the next tier is.

Thanks you guys.

i have still some question but mostly i get it

hay guys

i have question for recharge $1000 did i need to go with enterprise plan
or how can i get balance of $1000

I think I understand that you want to do is get to the highest tier as fast as possible so that you can send many requests.
In this case I suggest you charge as many credits as possible as often as possible. You should then be able to reach the highest tier within 30 days max, depending on when you made your first payment.