Trouble understanding current purchased credit balance and if in new prepayment plan

I have such a problem, what should I do?
balance stops when it reaches $10 ):
Don’t I have the right to make a $120 inquiry?

I’m not certain in any way, I did do a little test though. I changed the hard limit in my Billing → Usage limits page settings. The value that you’re pointing out Changed as well to align. I’d give updating your hard limit setting to something higher and see if that does anything. I’m still a complete scrub though so I could be completely wrong. :sweat_smile:

Trial credits and grants show they are used up. Have you purchased payment plan credits to pay for more usage?

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Wow how can you make a query that costs that much? I have used my limit in tokens and it wasn’t that much

The question is likely phrased incorrectly.

One API call can generate that much though, and it doesn’t have to be the submission of a million token fine-tune job.

GPT-4: Get a response that is 4165 tokens = $0.25. Then set n=40 to get forty trial responses.

For this topic’s case, one should ensure that that the hard limit of an account is not set too low, and that account credit balance has been purchased to pay for the new API calls if in the new prepayment plan. The grants shown in the screenshot are used up.

If you have considerable balance showing under “billing”, and yet can’t spend them, getting this “quota” error, and other settings have been double-checked, it may be a prepayment system bug previously seen, and you’d have to contact staff through the assistant for your account problem.

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When i paid $5 it was giving a $120 balance

The place you see $120 is not the amount of credit you have purchased. The $120 is “Approved usage limit”, a monthly limit for the older plan for a credit card billed at the end of the month. The other amounts you can see are for you to set a lower limit, for safety.

If you have a new style of payment plan, where you must pay before you can use the API, the account balance you have purchased is shown on the main billing page.