What is Dayapp plugin and how it works? Help me test!

What is Dayapp plugin:
DayApp is a tool or service that is designed to help users connect with human representatives from any US company without having to wait. It’s a concept used in this role-play scenario to illustrate how an AI like , ChatGPT, can interact with APIs or services to assist users.

How Dayapp plugin works:

  1. You tell the DayApp plugin the company and department you want to call,
  2. DayApp plugin finds the company and department in its system.
  3. DayApp plugin starts a call, interacts with voice menus, press 1, press2, etc… Stays on hold
    4.When a real human from that department picks up the call Dayapp plugin connects you to that call
  4. You talk directly to the company without having to wait on hold.

It’s like having a personal assistant who makes the call for you and connects you when a real person is available to talk.

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Potentially an absolute killer app, do you have a link to your privacy and data retention policies?

Yes of course here it is

also to want to let u know, when u download us in the app store, we dont ask u for any info such as name, email, password , usernames, etc…
once u download us are immediately sent to a main screen where u can place a call to a company

Thanks for those links, looks like a really cool plugin. If it works reliably this could become quite the handy tool.

Can it call numbers outside of the US and what is the typical lag between the bot detecting that you have reached a person and your phone ringing?

yes we have tested and it works we can call European countries, but we dont have enough demand to turn on the feature yet.
Once we detect a human customer rep our AI talks to the rep for 3-4 secs giving us enough time to connect u to the call
try it give me feedback it would help alot

we do have a Barclays bank in the system, its in UK,

Understood, I am an extremely risk averse person, anything between me and my bank would cause me anxiety :smiley: I would absolutely use it for calling non critical businesses.

By the way this is not a criticism of you or the app, just an observation of the level of trust that is required to let a 3rd party in the loop for this kind of thing.

Tnks!! that makes sense. we just trying to save people from those hideous tasks of interacting with answering machines and Hold music its just a shame that in 2023 they still exist

I think it’s an awesome idea, just getting that customer trust level up, seems like something a partnership with a larger corp might enable.

Do u know a large company?))))) For partnership?

Get your product out there, get it on twitter, insta, FB, Youtube, tiktok, all the things. You can also see :

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thank you for the information, I will check them out.