Dayapp Plugin got approved. How to use it?

What is Dayapp plugin:
DayApp is a tool or service that is designed to help users connect with human representatives from any US company without having to wait. It’s a concept used in this role-play scenario to illustrate how an AI like , ChatGPT, can interact with APIs or services to assist users.

How Dayapp plugin works:

  1. You tell the DayApp plugin the company and department you want to call,
  2. DayApp plugin finds the company and department in its system.
  3. DayApp plugin starts a call, interacts with voice menus, press 1, press2, etc… Stays on hold
    4.When a real human from that department picks up the call Dayapp plugin connects you to that call
  4. You talk directly to the company without having to wait on hold.

It’s like having a personal assistant who makes the call for you and connects you when a real person is available to talk