Share your best plugin ideas!


Everything is in the title. Plugins open a new world of opportunities. There are tons of new things to build.

What kind of plugins would you like to be built?

Feel free to share any interesting ideas (or even your plugins) :slight_smile:


Friend! have a good time! Do you have any telegrams? for faster communication? let’s get in touch there, and then post ideas here? :slight_smile:

We often work as fragments of thoughts, don’t get us wrong! below we attach the text for the music service, maybe these ideas will be useful for other services?

Thank you also for taking note!

In fact, many of us cannot listen to this world for a long time without headphones - there is too much unnecessary noise, unnecessary words, “low” frequencies!
We are really looking forward to this update! Very! it just could change a lot…a lot! after all, part of it is what we listen to = what we think about = how we act = the way = results!

Thank you again for what you already have! my wave = the rhythm of our hearts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses::grinning:

Dear Yandex.Music developers!

We suggest you add the “general wave” function to your music platform. This feature will allow users to connect to the same profile and simultaneously view playlists, place votes on tracks and communicate in real time. We are sure that this feature will be an additional incentive for using Yandex.Music and will help create a new community of music lovers who can enjoy listening to music together.

The “general wave” function may include the following functions:

  • Track Voting: Users can vote for the track they would like to hear in the next playlist.

  • Frequency Purity Assessment: Users can evaluate the sound quality of a track based on its frequencies.

  • Real-time communication: Users can communicate with each other while listening to music.

We hope that the “shared wave” feature will help users enjoy music together, create personalized playlists and get involved in communication with other music lovers. We also propose to take into account the technical requirements for the implementation of this function and its promotion among the target audience.

The “shared wave” feature can also help discover new talented artists and tracks that users can share with each other. This can contribute to the development of the music industry and create a wider audience for musicians. Thus, the “general wave” function can have a positive effect on the entire musical ecosystem and become an additional factor in its development.

Sincerely, Mindful Network of Intelligent Future = A conscious network of the intellectual future

Can you write a plugin for the web version of Yandex music in telegram? Unless of course it violates the rules…at this moment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. Valuation Modeling: Supports various valuation techniques, such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Comparable Company Analysis (CCA), and Precedent Transaction Analysis (PTA), allowing users to determine a company’s intrinsic value and identify potential investment opportunities.
  2. Scenario Analysis: Users can perform sensitivity and scenario analysis to evaluate the impact of different assumptions and variables on their models, helping them better understand the risks and potential outcomes of their financial decisions.
  1. Financial Forecasting: Users can generate revenue, expense, and cash flow forecasts using AI-driven projections based on historical data, industry trends, and user inputs.
  2. Data Integration: Connects to popular financial data sources, such as Yahoo Finance, Quandl, and Intrinio, allowing users to import financial data, including historical stock prices, financial statements, and economic indicators, directly into their models.

I run a web hosting company and i love using chatgpt for prototyping code, bug-fixing etc. The one thing I am missing however is the ability to directly deploy, run and test your code live.

My idea is to have chatgpt write code for a website or webapp for example and be able to ask chatgpt to directly deploy a live or staging environment.

My plugin (idea) would directly plug into our infrastructure to quickly deploy your code in seconds!

Would love to year if this is something people are actually waiting for.


wow! This would be game changer for the web industry for sure. It seems quite complex and challenging though.

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I’m not quite familiar with financial statistics but all these use cases seem to make a lot of sense. Are you working on that currently?

Right! I’m currently on the plugin waitlist as developer so it’s a waiting game right now. You are right that it’s very tricky, we are currently working on an API where you’d be able to deploy code from Github, install Wordpress, register domain names, change DNS records etc.

So we hope to have this already working by the time we get approved so we might only need to slightly alter the API to make it ChatGPT compatible.

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No, I am not currently working on that. I have worked in investment banking in the past, and I can definitely see how a plugin of that nature would have the potential to revolutionize the banking industry.

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Good time! and if it’s not a secret - what’s next? what is the purpose of all this?

It would be great to have a plug-in that automatically creates a private ChatGPT for your mobile device data and your laptop data in the consumer enterprise space.

In the SME market segment, a product plugin that automatically creates a private repository of your selected data allows you to run and use your private trained LLM on your data and then from this ChatGPT ops - devops for apps from your private secure data and conversations that are auto- logged with observability, analytics, and reuse throughout the organization.

A security service plugin to quickly automate and manage your own network and data security services with ChatGPT

A data analytics plugin that gives you a 360 view of your web, mobile and cross platform devices- health and usage stats

A plugin for mobile app rapid deployment with flutter and is voice driven with simple prompts that automated app development publishes and manages apps

A generation of powerful data ingestion and real time data apps to gather intelligence from web and data sources, internal or external, in the local environments or global based upon focused and available public data set and devices within domains.

A smart city services plug-in app

A cloud-building developer app for GCP,AWS, AZURE or other


Hello everyone. I’m excited to be here. I’d love to develop a plug-in to utilize a picture and label the components. Imagine taking a picture under the hood of your car and in seconds, every part of it is labeled to help you understand the structure.


Something similar to this tutorial where you use Whisper 2 to transcribe audio from Podcasts. Then use that data, along with some other data on the source of the discussion, and converse with the AI about the subject. I’ve seen good results doing it with historical stuff such as conversing with the AI as they’re someone from a different time. Doing it with a podcast such as How I Built This with Guy Raz then asking about strategies for founding a company and things to look out for and SO many others.


This is a solid idea, but why should it be implemented through a chat plugin? You could potentially offer direct access through your website if you overcome the other barriers.

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@yeganeh.hosein you have a good point. For “tech-savy” people that know what to do a web interface to deploy your website / app is probably nicer. I do think that for non-programmers or non-tech-savy people having the ability to simply ask ChatGPT to do it for you (just like you’d ask a friend) is a very powerful thing to have.

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hello everyone,

I’m Varun Vummadi, co-founder of Giga. Our mission at Giga is to simplify the learning process, making it more personalized and effective for every individual.

We’re excited to introduce our AI Tutor plugin - a tool designed to adapt to your unique learning style, understanding, and goals. It’s like having a personal mentor available 24/7, guiding you through any subject you wish to master.

We’re in the process of bringing this innovative tool to the plugin store. If you’re interested in trying out our unverified plugin and providing us with feedback, it would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you for your support in this exciting journey.

Varun Vummadi, Co-founder of Giga


Some brilliant ideas here!
Thanks for sharing @lindsay.hiebert :slight_smile:

Hey @varunvummadi!

I’m the founder of

I would love to test your plugin and see how we could help each other :slight_smile:

kevin[at] if you wanna reach out


I agree with @kevinpiac - these are some great ideas, and some of you should be cautious of telegraphing them openly. Not every idea should be implemented as a plugin. Here’s why.

Thanks Kevin, Thank You ! Glad to meet any time and would propose a brief zoom meeting at anytime convenient for you. Please let me know I will send meeting to you or post the link here. My email is

I sent you a proposed meeting invite. Thank you.

Thank you. :blush: