What happens to your custom GPT (that you made) if you stop paying for ChatGPT Plus? And other questions

That’s my first question:

  • What happens to the custom GPT that you made, if you stop paying for ChatGPT Plus?

  • Does it become deactivated?

  • Will you still share in any revenue?

And a follow up question.

  • $20 a month is a hefty price for a monthly subscription for something that you may or may not use frequently, my monthly phone is $25. I wonder if OpenAI might consider creating a lower priced tier that only lets users access the GPT Store, but not to ChatGPT 4.0 and plugins, etc. The Android Play Store would have never taken off if it was $20 a month.

I imagine that it might be expensive as a way to roll it out slowly to the general public, but I’m sad about not being able to see more information about what each Custom GPT does (aside from the simplistic free tier description).


It will be deactivated, (I am not sure if it is deleted I just know that it will be unshared.)



Please continue to talk about the follow-up question on a new topic: New ChatGPT lower price tier idea

I assume you have inside knowledge, and aren’t guessing, so I’ll choose this as the solution.

Though I’m still surprised that this simple question isn’t listed on the FAQ.

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I’ll add that you’re GPT’s become available again if you reactivate your plus subscription :laughing:

We ran a little test, I was one of the subjects who cancelled my subscription :laughing:


What happens to the GPT you shared publicly on the GPT Store ? If I don’t pay the subscription do other users lose their access as well ?

Yes, the GPT will be unshared, and thus not be public for anyone to access.


What happens if I cancel my personal plan but the same email moves to a Team plan? Will the GPT I created be not public for anyone to access?