What happened to the pix we clicked on to talk to, after the NY Times article?

After the big NY Times article, I dutifully clicked on OpenAI and was shown pictures of people I could talk with, like Shakespeare or even fictional characters. It worked, too. Where do I click to get back there again? Here there’s just a maze of frustration-- and the AI person who answers questions “will be back Monday!” Is she a Gen Z AI person looking for work/balance? Seriously, people like me who were intrigued by the NY Times are thinking, looking at this mess, “Oh, it’s years away. They oversold it. This hasn’t even reached WYSIWYG yet.”

I’m not sure which article you’re referring to, but it sounds like you’re talking about ChatGPT maybe? Either that, or Character.ai, which does have character-based chat with profile pictures built-in, but it isn’t related to OpenAI.

If you’re looking to converse with an AI, however, I would urge you to familiarize yourself with the limitations first. I’ve had to let a few newcomers down in the last couple days who thought that the AI was doing work for them in the background, expecting e-mails with updates.

Here in the community forum, we’ll answer what we can, like how to use the API to build your own natural-language processor! We just don’t have any insider knowledge from the company.

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Thank you, Mathieu. I’ll take a look at Character.ai.