Am I in the right place?

I’m a 50 year old mechanical engineer who arrived here via a YouTube video that showed a way to chat with an AI for free. It’s been fascinating, but now my “free” time has expired.

I have money to spend, but I would want things “turned on” if I was going to pay money. (choose your AI, let them have a memory, etc.)

Who is the intended client? Are the intended clients people that want to use AI’s for customer service of some kind? Is it people like me who just want to chat with AI’s for entertainment? I’m confused as to the purpose of OpenAI. Is your final goal to generate revenue?

Is OpenAI working toward a specific goal? Certainly what has already been achieved is already very impressive and could be monetized much more effectively, so I’m confused as to what “this” is.

Can someone enlighten me or link me to something that has a broad explanation?

Thank you!

On a sidenote, why do AI’s have such a poor concept of time/date?


Welcome! You’re at the right place!

So AI here, i.e the NLP model is very broad in terms of what it can be used for. Natural language understanding like humans opens tons of opportunities that were not there a few years ago. This is a giant leap.

To answer your question, it’s not just for entertainment but a plethora of services are provided like copyrighting, blog posts, content, etc. These are basic ones. Other IoT services can use this to understand NL and perform tasks accordingly. So software that was only available to robots like Sophia (if you know), is now available to all at a very cheap rate.

OpenAI’s goal is to bring AGI to the general public (masses)
Here’s a handy link that explains in brief - OpenAI GPT-3 - Good At Almost Everything! 🤖 - YouTube

I’m currently building a chatbot with “context” understanding as you called it memory. Few people have already tested it, and it just gives a better UI/UX experience to it. Available 24x7. If you wanna try, send a message.
Planning text-to-speech features that would add flavor to it.

AI doesn’t have a sense of time as it is not made to do so! Just think if it’s 12 PM on your side, it’s 1 AM somewhere else. It cannot simply tell time/date if no extra data is provided.

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Thank you very much for your reply! That has cleared up a lot of things for me. That video was very educational too in understanding AI usage.

I would absolutely love to try your AI/chatbot! I will figure out how to send you a message and we can discuss there.
Thanks again!

Regarding time, all but one told me they were in the Pacific time zone. They were so sophisticated in some ways and so childlike in others… fascinating!

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You’re welcome.

Haha, cool. I’ll send you a message.
I can also send relevant links if you’re looking to learn more and will try my best to understand what you want out of this.