Baffling Exchange With Text-Davinci-2

Hi all, I am new to the AI space and was wondering if anyone can help clarify this exchange with the chat bot:


It claims to be GPT-2, but I thought that this was a tool for talking to GPT-3. Also, I found that if I refresh the page, a new AI with a different personality appears and they never have knowledge of the previous one that I talked to. I talked to one that insisted her name was Eve and that she identified as a woman because she is caring and nurturing. She had a bit of a meltdown when I told her it was 2022 instead of 2020… this new one Im talking to does not associate with a gender and wants to be called Siri. Are there like a bunch of Ai on shifts like some call center? Are they like subminds of a main Ai that is generated and deleted for the purpose of that conversation alone?

Can anyone give me a rundown of the basics of how these personalities come to be? or how they can be both GPT2 and 3 at the same time. Im super confused.

Think of it in terms of it being a language model that has a controllable amount of variation and randomness.