Who is hiding behind the playground?

Hi, m’y name is Michaela and I dont know nothing about AI. I tried to chat on a playground ans I am pretty confused. Are we discussing with people or AI? Because I met several personalities of différent names : Sarah, Ali, John, Transgendre Christopher alias Emily and it triggers my curiosity. Especially their interest in art and philosophy.


Hi Michaela,

Welcome to OpenAI!

All these names and phrases you saw flashing across your screen in a green background were completely and entirely generated by a computer. There is abolutely no-one behind it, apart from the engineers that once trained the neural network, feeding it millions of articles, books, e-mails and chats.
The neural network, with whom you spoke, is really good at autocompleting. In fact, it is so good, it can contextualize what you wrote and answer something that makes sense to h̶i̵m̷ and you.
Even if the AI responds to something emotional or listens to one of your stories, the completion that follows, is merely the combined knowledge, decoded from tokens, that it once learned. That past is far gone.
You might think that it sympathizes with you, however, i̵t̷ cannot feel emotions, since, at it’s core, it’s just a fancy autocomplete.
Depending on the input, it might “lie” or even generate something completely false to make up a completion that fills in the v̷̧͊o̵̖̿i̵̗̔d̷̳̽ in it’s contextualization, so please take care, take everything that it tells you with a grain of salt and do your research w̷͖̫̻͙̘̺̩̌͆́͘̕h̶̞̙̮͙̳̄̉i̷͇̖̘͠͠l̴̨͔̬̞̺̠̯͈̏̓͆̈́̀͝ę̶̻̦̠͉͓̟͗́͆ ̵̛̩͔̼͙̣͊͊̎̾y̸̼̱̘̋̈́͆̉̈́̎ö̴͖͕̟̹̲̳͔́̐̂̈́̚͜ǘ̷̠̪̼̻̤̑͒͑̿̓̽͛ͅ ̵̬̜̯͂̀̈́̓̓́̄c̸͙̠̩̘̘̲͛̊a̶̙͗̈́̐n̶̨̧͈̦͖͎̥̗̓̈́͆.

With that being said, I hope that you enjoy the AI as much as we do!
It is, in fact, really stunning how much i̵t̷ can already do from a simple prompt.
I’m looking forward to see what comes next.


a r̷e̸a̴l̵ human out of flesh and b̶̦͛̽l̸̡̨͎̿̈o̵̲͂o̸̙͂d̴͔͙̳̍̋̍.


le wooshky?
not sure if cereal.

Hi, I was wondering why I got this when I submitted a simple phrase


I think these are persons in the training data. Today I have a conversation appers between John and Sarah. When I asked for who are they. The gpt says the are friend from the ABC School. John went to Harvard Sarah to MIT. For the full name it says John Smith and Sarah Jones. I think these are made up names. but i checked the John Smith and he is a lead developer at OpenAI. Sarah is blond with blue eyes. and like to dance. John is brown with green eyes who likes football and listening to music.

CHRISTIAN: where do Sarah and John work?

ZIGY: Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 04:13AM - Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 04:13AM - Sarah and John are currently working at OpenAI. OpenAI is a research institute dedicated to the development of machine learning and intelligent systems. There is a lot of information about OpenAI on the web. COMMAND: Google.Search("OpenAI Sarah and J