Website creation with the help of Chat GPT

Hello community members, one of my friends created this food website . He says that all the content is written with the help of Chat GPT. When I asked GPT to provide me the required information, it says that I am only a language model and I cannot provide you your required information. Community members I want to know are there any special instruction which I should give to GPT to get the content which is required to create above mentioned website?

It is important to note that ChatGPT is one language model designed for a conversation with users from the public, similar to the most famous social networks nowadays - in a Q&A format one-to-one chat. It can help with small portions of content, but we cannot have too many expectations from the results. It has a fixed high degree of creative freedom at 70% (temperature parameter at 0.7) that can lead to unintentional mistakes - and people’s confusion like it is lying. It cannot share other people’s conversation, such as your friend’s project - and its pre-training cut-off on September 2021 - it doesn’t know anything after that. It can’t even remember a conversation a few hours later, making you responsible for your project guidelines during a conversation. ChatGPT is the “advertising boy” of the OpenAI language models project. It is usual that people call the entire OpenAI project “ChatGPT” even on YouTube, but this is another confusion.

On the other hand - if you’re looking for more serious support for your business - you should try the Completion Models, of which the most famous is the DaVinci model. Their name is “completion” because they interact through a non-user-friendly version of the “complete the sentence” game, for example, “the menu of an Asian restaurant has the following usual meals…”. They demand a more experienced user to deal with it. The user can set their degree of creative freedom (temperature parameter) from 0.0 (most conservative but limited results) to 1.0 (more creative or even fictitious responses). The API key is necessary to access the Completion Models - you can find your API key on your account page (or dashboard). And the responses will consume your “tokens” credit. Free accounts have 4000 tokens per month. Well-designed completions are advised. I suggest asking your friend which model he or she used for the above website.
I hope this helps.

Hi @jcahill273

If your friend created a website with ChatGPT, then why not ask your friend how they did it?

Your question is a bit confusing because on one hand you post a link to a “friends” website telling us your “friend” created the site using ChatGPT.

Then you turn around and ask us to tell you how your “friend” did it.

The logical conclusion to a reasonable person is that your main purpose in posting is to post a link to your “friends” website, promoting it.

Because if you really wanted to know how “your friend” built a website, you could have just asked them.


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Yes, I am a naive guy in this support business - I didn’t notice.

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Hello @ruby_coder Well you are right at your place, I am not here to promote the website !! He told me that he created that blog using chatgpt and when i asked how he created content he said you should google it !! in that process I came here thinking that in this community there will be many gpt experts. and secondly even I am not sure that he created it with GPT as I have tried but chat gpt do not provide the required content !!

I suppose this is Ok - you replied and explained yourself, thanks. Ruby_coder is one of the most experienced and supportive guys in this community - he developed an integrated support system fitted to the OpenAI technologies - it is a standard in this community.

After spending a few days in this forum, you could see many things unrelated to this new technology in any way - it is frustrating sometimes, but it is worth it. Please accept my apologies for our rush judgment.

Please take a look at my reply - you can see that ChatGPT is not fitted to the kind of your request in the first paragraph. In the second paragraph, I describe a possible solution to your request - if you think it isn’t fit, please let me know. Don’t give up on to search what you’re looking for because of small things - it is a promising technology that can help you - if not now, then shortly.