Can chatgpt 4 be used in Blogspot improvement using AI

I have an old blog that I want to get back to again but I completely forgot how to code html is there an AI (doesn’t matter if paid or free) that I can upload the XML file to and show it the online data of my blog so it can correctly analyze it and edit the html/CSS code from the prompt I give it

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The fact that you asked what is a reasonable question means that you will probably be able to use the free version of ChatGPT to get started. You might even be able to do most, if not all, of what you seek using the free version. You will just need to learn prompt engineering. That is essentially what I did to get started. Just be mindful of hallucinations.


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Thanks was insightful! I thought it wasn’t possible on the free version

The free version can do a lot with generating/translating/fixing source code as it does not require external information such as searching Internet sites.

However the big advantage of ChatGPT Plus is access to the custom GPTs which can be used to search the Internet, access to GPT-4 and many other niceties

I didn’t understand how the former reply related to your question, so I thought I’d help with some insight in response to your specific question.

Yes, GPT can do what you’d like; however, it’s not quite as straightforward as you might hope.

If you are providing it with existing HTML/CSS and asking it to extract or interpret something, that’s fine providing you don’t have too much text. Sidenote: if you do exceed input limits the best route is removing a large section of text that you know is irrelevant to the answer, such as a large body of an article or a large table, etc.

However, if you ask GPT to write HTML/CSS for you, you have to manage your expectations and better yet, break it into very finite tasks rather than asking it to code an entire page.

For example, if you ask it “Create a hero image that spreads across the top of the page, scaling no smaller than 800 px and no larger than 1440 px.” Or “Add navigation links along the top that change color with hover.”

Very straightforward instructions like that work good. However, if you attempt to give it an image or describe an entire page, you may get discouraged.

Just remember that if it doesn’t do what you’d like, typically you can get more granular and specific and in most cases you can get to the result. Then, once you’ve combined everything, you can submit in total and ask it for suggestions/critique and it can point-out any errors, etc.

If I’m misunderstanding your question, can you provide specific examples and I’ll do my best to help explain.