I want to add gpt 3.5 on my website

Hi guys I want to add chat gpt 3.5 on my website known as allee.sore this website is basically AI Based My aim is to give free AI tools on the web is there any one who help me to develop this?

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It’s actually fairly trivial to add one of the GPT models to a website, but you may fall foul of the Terms of Service which require you to ensure that the AI is only used in supported countries and within the moderation guidelines, moderation can be done automatically, but the checking of users identities and locations can be a challenge, it is worth noting that even a small sub section of users making use of a free service can add up to multiple millions of dollars in API usage costs and attempting to gain the required API rate limits to support that usage will also be a considerable challenge. You may with to reach out to Contact sales to request information on dedicated instances and applicable partnerships for such an endevor.

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Did you mean allee.store? You can find lots of useful information on creating tools here. Keep in mind that every API request costs money so making the AI tools completely free could be a challenging process. Unless you are well-funded ( maybe even needing multiple millions of dollars ). If you do have the funds I would recommend hiring someone to put it together for you. If you are from a big company I would recommend checking out OpenAi Enterprise.

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Here’s how you can give “free” AI tools on the web.


Somebody has to pay…

Or if you have the time you can wait for a request. Quickly copy and paste that into ChatGPT then copy and paste the answer back. Technically it would work, but it would be very unethical.