So I built a GPT , Now what do i do with it?

So the other night i was reading an article about chatgpt letting people build there own GPT. i went to the website , upgraded to plus and asked entered the prompt , how do i build a GPT. Within minutes the AI and i were well on our way into building this new GPT.
The AI(gpt4) asked me what i wanted to build . And i replied i want to build a gpt that i can use on my website, that could answer any questions about a certain topic and perhaps add suggestions to whatever my user was inquering about. The AI offered up a title . which was good but i thought of one better so we used it.
At that time the AI went to work pullin inall the info to make this a reallity .
When AI finished i asked could we include exploded view images to each user inquiry. DONE…It was like Samantha Stevens wiggled her pretty little nose and made it happen.
Back in the day something like this would cost millions to make and years to make . We did this in a half an hour . while i sipped on a fountain coke and smoked a couple cigarettes. if i had read this post im writing ,being written by someone else id call them a liar, theres no freakin way !
There is a way becuse its sitting at the explore section on chat Gpt website. Real quick how do i get this thing exclusively to my website . Point me in the right direction and i can figure out the rest.
i had a go dady website but i couldnt pay all the now im in the processof transfering my domain. As soon As my website gets finished i want to move this gpt to my website . Oh and if you need to check out my gpt its name is …SportsterHelper!!

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The AI should have stopped you right there.

GPTs are for use within only ChatGPT Plus by people with a subscription.

cant the key be checked by ip use
if totaly different
sent user an email to verify that it is right

something like when i login to google from a new device

A GPT is the equivalent of a “free website builder with predefined templates, just choose your look and fill in the button text, and you can have users fill out forms and have the logs recorded in our database for later use and displayed in our engagements backend”.

And then you ask “how can I move that onto my raspberry pi?”

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I did a similar thing when looking to build a sort of chat to help users search our site better. All looked good, but when viewing from a non-logged in browser, it will replace the chat with the login to premium button. Haven’t looked into the API yet, but that seems the way to go instead.

sorry, i am dutch
i can read what you write
but i dont get it / dont understand what you are saying
do not get the point

Here is the translation of the passage into Dutch:

Een “GPT” is een nieuwe gereedschapsmaker die alleen werkt binnen ChatGPT. GPT betekent niet “generatieve vooraf getrainde transformer”, het is een gloednieuw woord en merknaam die wordt gebruikt voor dit AI-creatieproduct. Het gebruik van een GPT vereist een abonnement op ChatGPT Plus. Het kan niet worden benaderd buiten het betaalde platform van ChatGPT. Wanneer je een GPT deelt met iemand, moeten zij ook een betalende abonnee zijn om de GPT te kunnen gebruiken.
Je kunt een GPT zien als het equivalent van een gratis websitebouwer met vooraf gedefinieerde sjablonen. Hoewel de gratis website-maker alle tools kan hebben waarmee je een webpagina kunt maken, kan de door jou gemaakte webpagina alleen werken op dat ene platform en kan niet elders worden overgezet.

arent there other tools
like vscode or webstorm phpstorm
etcetera that use ai in their editor?

i have no idea if and how they do it

Such products would not use ChatGPT, which is only the chat website.

They would use the API, and direct access to an AI model. They also would not use the newly-introduced tools, they would do their own programming.

The API also costs money for the input data and the AI language generated, so someone must pay that bill.

well i think the chat is an impressive amazing help for me
in the past this would have take me a lot of time

i ask
You: create a floating div on a div on rightside middle of div, with a up and a down button, single file

an see the result on my site
an up down scroll button floating in the right middle

well took me some time to find the domain
but it is only showing a message that your HD is parked by Daddy

Are you looking for markdown resources?

well it looks like itis PY
found some JS versions
but not sure yet what to try / play with
i had marked
and i will not put a link here, like you
because some will … me then

<!doctype html>
  <meta charset="utf-8"/>
  <title>Marked in the browser</title>
  <div id="content"></div>
  <script src=".........cdn...............................................marked.min.js"></script>
    document.getElementById('content').innerHTML =
      marked.parse('# Marked in browser\n\nRendered by **marked**.');

ok 3 backticks is code now

did you not read the full first sentence? “i went to the website , upgraded to plus” didnt catch that eh ?

transfering to nos takes 5-7 days they say. if it can be done id love to have this in there brfore restart

Yes, I read your adventure.

However putting a GPT on a personal website is not an option. So we can stop when you’ve been lead astray by ChatGPT’s lack of knowledge about new products.

A GPT is only something that you can interact with in “ChatGPT, the web site with a chatbot”.

Development of products you can use externally and independently with your own code, application, or website requires use of the OpenAI API - and its separate billing system for the AI model language data that is transferred.

what @_j says is true for now, you’re better off using the Assistants API to create server-side “GPTs”. For the GPT store, you can think of OpenAI as developing an OS of sorts that our GPTs live in - GPTs live IN that environment, and likely aren’t getting out any time soon. For Assistants, we use API calls to tap into that OS (which is the LLM).

i aint trying to develop anything im a high school drop out that stumbled on this thru google discovery. and if a dummy like me can do what i did with this , just thgink of the possibilities . This gpt sportster helper could even become a paid app in google play store! my facebook page is full of peopl asking other people how to troubleshoot and how to fix their motorcycles this gpt is an answer to their prayers instead of 85 people giving them the wrong advice they could just as easy pay a small subscription and get the right answer the first time with illustrations. Its a money maker thats for sure . if i am in the wrong forum i apologize , or if ive said to much i apologize. one other thing to mention before i built this gpt ,helped build , i tried out the colorbook gpt . it worked great.the thing is it could only do one page at a time. my computer teacher explained kilobytes like this . A kilobyte is like a word in a book , o megabyte is like the whol book and a gigabyte is like the freakin library , if thats the case the color book was the kilobyte and sportster helper was the gb. i knpw u guys get a pretty good laugh out of this nonsense but this letting average joe build gpts is freaking amazing and i just feel the need to scream it out!!! allows embed for one paid for. Also allows “training” so maybe give that a whirl. Matt Wolfe and the team at youai have great tutorials and it is a low code solution built on back of GPT llms and or Claude (Santa Claude is coming to town).