We Need a GPTs Dashboard - Crucial!

Managing custom GPTs through the My GPTs basic dashboard has become increasingly challenging.

Currently, the dashboard lacks essential features such as filtering, sorting, and search functionalities.

With multiple GPTs, navigating through the list becomes cumbersome, requiring excessive scrolling to locate a specific one.

Moreover, there’s a crucial need for analytics capabilities to track user feedback effectively.



What would it look like to you? What features?

Mock-up? Just curious!

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As an MVP, we require a top bar with:
1- A filter for sorting by number of chats and status (drafts, public, and personal GPTs).
2- A search bar for finding GPTs by name or description.

Instead of a “load more” button, we prefer pagination with numbered pages.
Users should be able to customize the number of GPTs displayed per page (10, 25, 50, 100).

For analytics, we need metrics on unique users in addition to chats. Analytics should include overall stats for the previous day, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, as well as options for custom date ranges and years.

**If OpenAI doesn’t implement this, it could be a promising idea for a Chrome extension.

I would appreciate the addition of several new features to our GPT management tool. Firstly, I’m interested in the capability to view the total traffic across all custom GPT instances, with a breakdown of whether the traffic originates from within the GPT ecosystem or from external sources.

Another essential feature I’d like to see is a dedicated feedback aggregation tool for each custom GPT. This tool should compile all user feedback specific to a GPT instance, allowing for a streamlined view when examining a particular model’s performance and user satisfaction.

Lastly, it would be highly beneficial to have GPT instances sorted by their traffic volume. This sorting feature would help in identifying which custom GPTs are attracting more engagement and which ones may require further refinement or promotion to increase usage.

These enhancements would significantly improve our ability to monitor, evaluate, and optimize our custom GPT offerings, ensuring they meet our users’ needs and preferences effectively.