What do you think about a new UI to help GPTs builders managing their creation?

Hi there,

I just created one of the largest GPTs library specialized for web, mobile, AI and blockchain developers with more than 250 GPTs currently available (For anyone curious the project name is « The Wise Duck Dev GPTs » ), and I started to encounter a simple problem. Managing my GPTs with the current UI is not fun, at all.

Is anyone of you had the same problem?

I think, if for starters we could be able to organize our GPTs into organizations, projects, thematic using folders, it could really help a lot for starter.

Going further more, if we could have access to more data/statistics regarding the use of our GPTs in order to improve them, I think it could really help us, GPTs creators to make an even better job. Think the kind of data as the ones we obtain through Google Analytics for our website for example.

Or simply having an entire portal for GPTs creator were we could just manage our creations.

Any idea how we could bring that matter to OpenAI?

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