Custom GPT Analytics - How do you measure your GPT performance?

GPT Store is launching this week. OpenAI doesn’t provide any analytics of GPT usage apart from total number of conversations.

How are you tracking your GPT performance without analytics ? As a GPT creator what kind of analytics would be of help ?

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I can track analytics on my GPT by observing how many new conversations are opened each day. This can indicate how many people are actively using your GPT. Why are you interested in this information? When I was shown the GPT store a couple of days ago, it was organized into categories, i.e., coding, etc. Each GPT that I saw had at least a thousand conversations if that helps you.

The conversations number gives the total count but it doesn’t show how many conversations happened on a particular day which helps in understanding how the modified prompt for a GPT is performing

It also doesn’t provide info like locations of my users or time of usage etc. A more granular analytics will definitely enhance the admin experience


I’m also looking to find ways to track the performance of my GPT at a more granular level.

I was wondering if you found any solutions and what specific metrics were you looking for?

My team has recently launched something in that direction - GPTs Conversation Logs & Analytics . We provide a very user friendly GPT chat logs and logs analytics, including sentiment analysis, user feedback and voting, sensitive info in conversation and more. There is a freemium, so you can easily check it out. Make sure to send us your thoughts(both positive and negative) in the live chat as this will help us build something that would really help you. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: