Exploring the Landscape of Analytics for GPTs Creators and Enthusiasts

Greetings, OpenAI community!

I’m on a journey to develop an analytical tool designed with GPTs creators and users in mind, aiming to enrich our collective understanding of traffic analysis, competitive dynamics, and the discovery of new niches for AI agent development. The objective is to craft a tool that not only serves existing needs but also anticipates future trends in GPTs applications.

In my quest for a comprehensive view, I’ve delved into current market offerings like GPTAuth and Hintloop Analytics for insights into GPTs performance. I would have included direct links for further reading, but my new account status on this forum prevents me from doing so.

I’ve also explored platforms such as GPT Traffic Track, GPTs Hunter and GPTSApp for a broader perspective on market analytics.
Furthermore, directories like AllGPTs and GPTRanked have been invaluable in understanding the diversity of GPTs available.

Despite this research, I believe the collective wisdom of this community could greatly enhance our understanding of the essential metrics and tools for GPT development and optimization. Therefore, I’m seeking your insights:

  • What are the key metrics and tools you rely on or wish existed for developing, optimizing, and benchmarking GPTs?
  • How do you monitor your competition and track user engagement effectively?
  • What analytical strategies do you employ to identify new opportunities and directions for GPTs development?

Your experiences, challenges, and even your “wish list” for analytical tools could provide invaluable guidance in this endeavor. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and engage in a dialogue that could shape the future of analytics in the GPT ecosystem.

Thank you for sharing your insights and contributing to this collaborative exploration!

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yeah i’m interested in this topic as well. the review / feedback emails are pretty useful for GPT builders to improve based on feedback but I kind of think this is sufficient for now?

My guess is we’re not going to see uptake / demand for more sophisticated analytics until a) usage meaningfully picks up (most GPTs I see on the GPT store have a fairly low chat count, unless it’s on the front page) so you have data to analyse b) if you can monetise your custom GPTs in the GPT store, so there is incentive to improve performance

curious to hear what others say on this topic

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Out of curiosity, do you think OpenAI themselves won’t provide an out of the box analytics tool? Feels like a natural next step and given that they control the data with the chat, they can provide a lot more detail right?

The only area where I feel like a 3rd party might be justified is in standard server monitoring for Actions, but then you are competing with something like DataDog right?

I’ve actually setup my own GPT analytics tool through the use of short links. I can see what countries people have come from and got some really good insights, but this is only from people clicking on my short links that take them through to my GPT. These stats should really this should come from OpenAI. I’m waiting on a few things from OpenAI like stats and monitorisation as well, which is why I have setup both of these myself.

That’s awesome that you tried our analytics platform!
Was it what you were looking for?