Resubmitted plugin & manifest.json

I have already released a plugin, but now the plugin has been updated and I need to resubmit the ai-plugin.json and openapi.json files. How can I submit the new version without having the original plugin removed from the platform?


You can’t, unfortunately.

The team explained that is intended.

Every change to your manifest file is going to unlist your plugin.

We hope they will find a solution soon :slight_smile:

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I did prove out with OK Ziggy that you can dynamically pass your spec file down as part of the plugin interaction. You don’t need to include all your API endpoints in the original submission.

You will take a performance hit on the first interaction but it allows flexibility for early apps to make frequent API spec changes w/o needing to delist the plugin. Also if you provide extra_information flags in responses, you can avoid having to make prompt changes to the manifest.

So in short, you can trade some performance for changeability of the plugins. Below is a working example showing the approach. No need to actually use the code, just follow the approach.


Hi, guys just need a quick confirmation - Can i make a change to my open API spec without getting delisted? TIA!

Your plugin will be delisted if you change the spec.

Is it only the manifest (ai-plugin.json) that will cause a delist if you need to update it? What about the openapi.yaml? I assume the logic files are ok to update. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

No official word about it that I know, but according to this OAS changes are ok to make after being accepted into the store: Are OAS changes unlisting the plugin or not? - #2 by shane.isbell

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There was a subsequent post where the spec file did not change but since the content that the API returned was different, it got delisted. So what we have observed so far is

  • A change in the summary of a spec path does not delist the plugin
  • A change in the content of what is returned will delist the plugin
  • A change in path parameters and responses in spec doesn’t delist the plugin (confirmed this by looking at plugin which made these changes and which is still listed: xweather)

The last option is that the process is completely arbitrary, something we can’t completely rule out.


I added a single enum value to an existing field in the request body of my plugin spec (openapi.json) yesterday and did not get delisted FWIW.



There is something official.

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Well i tried to add new endpoint but still my plugin was listed.
Are you sure you didn’t updated ai-plugin.json

From what we’ve seen your plugin can sometimes be delisted if the changes made to the OAS have too much impact on your plugin’s current usage.

For instance changing the path of the main endpoint of your plugin is probably not a good idea since the change will be made obvious to the system.

I just got our plugin (Apify) published and got this information from OpenAI:

If you make any changes to your plugins ai-plugin.json file, the plugin will be automatically removed from the plugin store, and we ask you to resubmit it to be visible again.

This policy is really strange. It would make much more sense if none of your changes to manifest or OpenAPI specs were automatically applied, unless you resubmit the plugin again. Basically, like all app stores have it…