Question about creating account

I create my account using google account, but every time that I’m trying to log in my account on other devices I’ve to log in to my google acc first then I can log back on to chatgpt which is very troublesome. So I tried to create a password for my account so that I can log in to my account, but I didn’t find any ways to do that neither reseting the password, it says that it would send me a notification but I never get the notification.

Is there any ways to create a account?

You are able to create a second account using the same phone number and a different email - and only one more account.

When creating, you’d not use one of the login services, but use a username/password combination. Then you are only logging in against your OpenAI account password.

but I already purchase gpt plus on this account for many months and I don’t want to switch account

You currently can’t change the email address or the authentication method of your account.
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