$0.00 / $0.00 limit Credit in my account?

I registered for OpenAI with my account but I haven’t received my free $18 credit?
How can I get a free trial to explore the OpenAI API?

Trial credits are not granted unless it is the very first use of your mobile phone number to make any kind of OpenAI account.

It hasn’t been $18 for over a year. Models are much cheaper, and $5 that was the last grant amount would still last a long time - but expiring three months after account creation.

To explore the API, one would go to billing, add a payment method (credit card), and purchase a minimum $5 prepaid credit. The payment also unlocks access to GPT-4 models and a higher rate limit.

Yes, I’ve used my number for the first time. Does it take a long time for credit to be allocated after I’ve created a new account?

Free trial tokens to API users on platform.openai.com are only given for the first time you sign up then complete phone verification during the first API key generation.

Emphasis on making an API key and completing the phone number SMS verification.

(this is an improvement on the credits expiring before ChatGPT users even knew there was such a thing as API)

There is no getting customer service to add one. I’m also not aware of any way to get “what account was my phone number used for previously”.


Thank you for this information. I wanted to know if with this free credit, it is possible to use ChatGPT-4 models, such as gpt-4-vision-preview, or if this free trial is only valid for ChatGPT-3 APIs?

The free trial grant would be used first for all API use – after you make the additional qualifying payment as mentioned above to gain model access.