Verification Tokens and multiple environments

Two questions:

  1. If I choose the “I’ll add the tokens later” option when going through the “Develop your own plugin” flow, how/when do I verify the token later? If I add the verification token, will it automatically notice that next time I go through the “Install an unverified plugin” flow? I’m trying to understand for launching a plugin in production, since it may be a few hours between receiving the verification code and it being included in the prod version of the manifest file.

  2. I have multiple domains with a plugin (prod, staging, local, etc), and multiple development accounts (developer accounts, and a locked-down one for prod). If I were to go through the development flow (not registration, just development) with on a developer account, would that stop me from later using the same domain with the prod account (the account that will be used to register/release the plugin once it is completed).

maybe a proxy for your staging?

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: Which section are you suggesting the proxy would help with?

Have you looked through it?
I have tried to explain local development.

I think your department structure does not fit here.

QA guys should have basic understanding of programming.

Hmm, I think there might be some miscommunication about the problem I am trying to solve. I don’t think a proxy would address any of my concerns.

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