Other ways to install an unverified plugin?

Hi All,

My team has a plug-in in the store named ‘Jot it down.’ Most of our eng team (meaning 5 engineers) have not been approved for plugin development. In their cases it also means they are unable to install an unverified plugin. This has made plugin testing challenging, since only the few of us who are allowed plugin development are able to test via GPT.

Two questions for this group:

  1. Is being approved as a developer the only way to get access to the ‘install unverified plugin’ feature in the store? (The docs appear to suggest otherwise – but we haven’t had luck figuring out how if so)
  2. Have others experienced 7-8 week wait times for approval for plug-in development?

Finally as a general note, it seems odd that engineers who are part of an organization that has already shipped a plug-in still don’t have the ability to test subsequent revisions of the plugin. Presumably it is in everyone’s best interests that plugins are well tested – and so we feel we may be missing something.



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ChatGPT, a consumer product, has no company organization or connections between accounts, so this is understandable, while still annoying.

All accounts are personal, with personal information like phone numbers, individual payments (all users are “plus”?), etc.

“ChatGPT for business” was floated back in March as a future offering, but has never emerged. Centralized administration for business users (and even not requiring a cel phone for every user) is greatly needed.

There’s plenty of wait for plugins and staff interactions. They might not be onboarding simply because of issues like extended wait times simply for updating existing plugins.

The only direct contact method is a message through the help.openai.com chat assistant that is not interdicted by the AI. You could make one fully-formed request with accounts that need the upgrade for your organization, along with the developer account as “root”, and let that also linger in the queue.


Hi _j,

Thanks for the thoughtful response! I’m not sure the full intent behind organizations in OpenAI, but the concept does exist. It is possible for your account to be associated with an organization, and you can invite members to the organization, which I have done for my engineering team. So far my observation is that this functionality enables my team to issue API keys that accrue to the billing statement for my organization. To your point, I haven’t observed much else that ties these accounts together.

The question I was raising, however, was more about whether it is intended that only accounts approved for plugin development be able to install an unverified plugin. To date we have determined the answer to this question is yes, however the docs suggest otherwise.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond!