How to enable ChatGPT devtools?

When I click “Open devtools” I get a vague message “Please enable a localhost plugin to use devtools”. What is this localhost plugin and how to enable it?

I have React dev tools extension installed and enabled “Allow access to file URLs” in its settings. Still not working.


Not sure what you mean here. Can you share a screenshot of your UI?

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@logankilpatrick Sure, when I navigate to Plugin Store in ChatGPT and click “open devtools” button I see this message show up in a sidebar.

and this is where I’m trying to access devtools

I just guessed that it’s trying to use react devtools but I’m unsure.

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Did you try out the todo app in plugin quickstart? I bet that’s what it was about.

Was this ever answered by AI Staff? because I get the same message (see attached)

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same issue here. Been given plugin developer access via email, but still shows this “Please enable a localhost plugin to use devtools.” on the ChatGPT website.

The devtools are only used for local development.

My local development looks about like this:

I have a symfony application there which provides an API.
But since I have some docker container and a makescript that utilizes mkcert for local self signed tls I have the problem that openai won’t take that local development url (in that example https://productsearch.local).

So I have a python script (the example plugin code) rewritten to act as a proxy that starts on port 5005 so I can add that to plugin development like this:

If you are new to python, you will also have to install it and also install the requirements with pip (package manager) - although if you are really new to python you should not really deploy code to plugins on ChatGPT.

Well, to test your local plugin you will have to open ChatGPT next.

Click on “No plugins enabled”.

Then go to plugin store.

Then click on “Develop your own plugin”.

And there enter your localhost domain path like this:

Then click “Find manifest file”.

And you should be able to see at least an error message that you need to solve or you can test your local plugin.

For those tests you need the devtools.


yes, came to say the same. ChatGPT’s setting for plugin devtools only works for localhost testing.