When using service level authentication, is it possible to test the plugin without the verification code?

I have successfully installed and used a plugin with service level auth at one domain (let’s say example.com).

I am now trying to install it for a second domain (staging-example.com) to make it accessible to QA specialists. I am able to go through the “Develop your own plugin” flow with this second domain, and after entering an access code, I click “I’ll add the tokens later”. On my development account, this doesn’t cause issues and I am able to immediately start the “Install an unverified plugin” and use the plugin (perhaps because there is a previous manifest file from example.com that has been verified, pointing to the same API spec file, and it is using that older (but functional) manifest file?). But on this staging-example.com domain that has never been verified, when I go through the “Install an unverified plugin” flow I am able to install the plugin, but every time I try to use it I get “Error communicating with plugin service. Please try again later.”

Can anyone confirm if the error I am seeing is related to the verification token for the service level authentication? It shows up in many contexts and doesn’t provide useful information about what actually failed, so I am wanting to confirm that the issue is with the verification token.

Your QA guys should use local development.

I don’t really understand. You want to add a plugin with multiple domains?

Hi Jochen, I think there is a misunderstanding about our intent, similar to here. Testing authentication is important to us, and that flow isn’t supported with local development.

What you are proposing doesn’t make any sense to me.

Using a second domain for staging and testing the login for that should work though.

I’d suggest to take that from the pipeline and do it manually after deployment.