Using Pipedream API Integration

Hello Friends!
I wanted to ask if anyone has used Pipedream’s API platform to connect Googe drive to OpenAI and if so; what were the steps and triggers you used for the connection? Thanks :grinning:

  1. As far as HITL - I would be in the loop regarding fine-tuning and testing.
  2. How do you ensure that tokens are not over spent - I plan on setting hard and soft token limits to manage spend.
  3. For files that would need to be uploaded or even fine-tunes, what is an acceptable schedule to not overload OpenAI - I would use a daily scheduled upload of every 10 coupled with a hard token spend limit and hopefully this will reduce the likelihood of overloading OpenAI.
  4. Would all of this need to be discussed in the context of the go-live discussions - Yes😃
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Hello m-a.schenk, I am in the process of answering the questions for the go-live application and I have a couple of questions. I am not sure which types of prompts I will use, that said, I have read thru the Prompt 101 information which helps for the semantic search part of my application. Second question - I do not have a video demo of the application so, would a lucidchart showing how the app will work be an acceptable substitute?

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@m-a.schenk, its cool… I will contact Joey today and set-up an account on .bubble as well… Happy Tuesday :smiley:

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