ChatGPT API x Zapier & Bubble

Hey everyone

I am new to Open AI and APIs. I want to build a content plan generator tool with Bubble and Open AI.

The user describes its target audience and preferred content topics and gets a content plan for 30 days. Each day will have 2 tweet ideas.

I don’t know how to code. So I am using no-code tools.

  1. I’ve tried to use API Connector by Bubble.

But it times out after 60 seconds. And my main prompt takes 3-5 minutes.

So I guess it’s not a good fit for complex prompts.

  1. I switched to Zapier integration with ChatGPT

It’s working better than Bubble. But it also couldn’t handle a 5-minute prompt.

That’s why I divided the prompt into 2 parts: generate 15 days and then generate 15 more days. I synch two prompts with a memory key.

But now I have 2 issues:
2.1. OpenAI returns only 10 days for the second prompt. It has enough tokens, I’ve explicitly mentioned returning 15 days. I don’t understand what’s going wrong. Do you have any ideas?

2.2. Second prompt eats a lot of tokens compared to the first one (2685 vs. 636). I guess it’s because I ask not to repeat the return of the first prompt — it needs to read it before generating. Any ideas on I can improve it?

And finally — if you know a better no-code alternative to use ChatGPT API, share it, please!

Appreciate your time!