Creating a ChatBot with OpenAI API

I want to create a ChatBot to be implemented on a website of our organization that handles customer support questions with given knowledge. I’m a beginner in working with OpenAI.
How can I make the assistant only answer the questions with given information from the uploaded files? Are there optimal ways to segment this information to make it more efficient, from a technical to an economic point of view? Can I later implement this ChatBot to a web page?

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You can create OpenAI assistant for this. You can start with understanding how Assistant work, then move onto the Assistant API Reference.

Let us know if you have any specific question regarding Assistant that you’re unable to understand.

I have created an assistant that answers my questions with access to given knowledge, but my problem is that it still answers questions with outside knowledge even when instructed not to. Can I implement this assistant in a web page?

Try to run the assistant in Playground and ask the assistant to give details about your knowledge base.

Yes, you can.

You’ll have to use the Assistant API and create a frontend over it! If you don’t have coding skills I can recommend the app OpenAssistantGPT. With this app you can easily build a chatbot and implement it to any website with few lines of HTML.

Let me know if you need any help!

Thank you for your answer. I’m now trying to use the app but I keep getting errors.
The same problem persists in the Assistant, with File_scearch, it keeps answering questions outside of the files scope.

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is it working correctly in the playground or you have the same result.

If you have the same result in the playground ti means it is an OpenAI issue and we have to figure out a solution there! I had issue with this the past few days too I think

It’s not working in the Playground as well. It should be able to do as I say right? Only answers questions based on given knowledge that is.

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Yeah it should be working. It was working great before but they created Assistant V2 I don’t know if something changed in the bot behavior.