Creating Playground-like experience

Does anyone know where I can start with creating a playground-like experience?

What I mean is that I can easily build apps that call the API, returns, etc.

But what I’m trying to do is do a similar creative experience to what you get inside of the Playground.

Like, once I give a prompt, I can delete it, edit it, and then resend it - and let OpenAI know I’m only looking for it to continue where I left off, and not use the ENTIRE text within the edit window as a prompt all over again.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be amazing

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Hi @jamesgetsresults

Its pretty easy to create what you are asking if you an experienced web developer.

I have done this an more already as a Ruby on Rails app.

See, for example:


Thanks, that looks cool. Any info on how I’d go about that?

I know there’s the echo function on the API, I’m going to mess around with that, just don’t want it to take the whole thing as a prompt.

I want OpenAI to understand what’s already been done, what the original prompt is, and then just to add onto what’s there.

Workflow should be like >

Original prompt is called > Output into editable text box > User can edit, do whatever they want, and if they choose to do more, click the send button again > OpenAI returns with added content

Hi @jamesgetsresults


Its an easy project for any good web developers.

Do have good webdev experience?

That’s awesome, you’ve said that a couple times now, lol.

Any tips?

Learn web development??!


he is a gatekeeper shhhh :laughing:
what you want to build is awesome, my advice is to use chatgpt to ask how you can do it, and provide you with a starter code and then you can build on it.


Thanks man, going to give that a shot today.

I have all of the other workflows, just missing this one piece to really give my team a good creative experience.

Well, I got it figured out without even speaking to chatgpt.

For anyone wondering:

Dig into the Echo function on the OpenAI API as well as suffixes to attach to your custom GPT models.