Connecting emails to a custom GPT assistant

Hi there, non-dev code dweller here. Long time lurker, first time posting :slight_smile:

I’m a founder of a biotech company and don’t have much time for emails.
So I’ve tried building a custom GPT to be my assistant. Fed it some technical documents about what we do.
Now I’m trying to connect it to my emails so that I can help me draft emails with most context, prioritize some replies over others.

Here’s what I tried, with no sucess so far :

  • Uploading a mbox file with all my emails.
  • Uploading a CSV (pulls only the 10 first emails)
  • Connecting the Custom GPT with a TODOIST API > fwd the email as a task to todoist. (it worked but the email attached to the task is freakin link, so that didnt’ work)

Any guess as how I could get closer to my goal ? Any interesting resource ?

I tried researching here for solutions, but didn’t find anything, thus the post. Thank you !

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You may have some success looking at integrations from Zapier, one of the OpenAI GPT partners, as they have connectivity options for email and lots of office functionality. Alternatively you could build a solution using the API and fully customise a solution to your business, but that would require some coding to be done.


I haven’t done it yet, but Zapier is definitely what I’m going to use. Not an ad for them, but I think they probably have the most robust model for attaching the OAI api to a variety of other apps. I’ll do this today and let you know how it goes.


Did you get anywhere with this one, I think it has a lot of potential.

Kinda, what i have I worked the tone of voice, internal information and now I just have to write the context. But I think having something that looks over your emails, make sure that you don’t have oversights and propose answers would be killer …
Down to help if someone wants to cowork on this.

viji! I would be down to cowork on this. I created a custom GPT and am trying to do the same thing

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I’ve been writing something small to read and respond to emails for myself. Happy to try to make it a library or service if folks would use it. I have a first rough draft of the code with a basic example that calls into GPT I have working on my githhub (lookup user dbish on github then pick the GPTMail repo).

It uses IMAP with IDLE for reading, SMTP for responses, and a few other small parsing and responding libraries. Pretty straight forward, I run a version of it with a larger program on EC2 to monitor an inbox and decide how to respond.

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You should be able to connect you GPT to your email client via Zapier using custom actions.