Usage Tier didn't upgrade

Although my account is meeting the criteria for Tier 3, it is stuck at Tier 1.

I tried finally recharging it with $10 more but it didn’t work…

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It typically takes a few days for the Tier to be upgraded once you have met the criteria. I’d give it a couple of days and if you then still see no change, it might be best to send a message to support.

Thank you for your answer!

I suspect that my account was recently downgraded to Tier 1. I did not have any problems before although I have been using more than 30k for some calls…

That’s why I added additional money to my account but the status did not change…

There is no known practice of downgrades as of now.

Based on what you have shown above, you only reached the minimum criteria for Tier 3 only earlier today. The backend needs some time to process the new payments and update the Tier. Based on your spent, you should have technically been in Tier 2 already. As said, just give it a bit longer.

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UPDATE: The Support updated my account to the correct status.