Upgraded plus to a team account, but instead of upgrading it created a new team account rather than upgrading my existing account

As per the title. I tried to upgrade from plus to a teams account now I have 2 accounts (1 plus and 1 teams). And unfortunately I cant just delete my personal account. My personal account is working fine and I have a published a GPT, but I am having problems with my team account. Publishing GPTs in the teams account is not working correctly (naming them as published by ‘community builder’) and they are not loading. I also paid for the annual subscription for 3 people for the teams account so its not like I can just delete that and try again. What should I do?


Unfortunately, we can’t help you here on the forum.

You’ll need to reach out to help.openai.com

We can’t help, only in the aspect that we can’t manage user accounts, being just fellow users.

We can point out that advertising “teams” as an upgrade on every ChatGPT Plus account when it inherently doesn’t work as an upgrade, but instead is a separate product per account, is problematic.

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Call to action could be updated to Upgrade plan… “Collaborate on an Additional Teams Plan”

This page was useful to learn whats coming re migration options between personal and team.



Awesome thank you - I will wait and see if they bring out the migration option.


Is it OK if a moderator closes this topic?

Yes thanks. All good for a moderator to close this topic.

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