Is "upgrade" the correct way to sell and promote teams? Transitioning from Personal to Teams Plan

Dear OpenAI (Community),

I’ve recently transitioned from a personal license to the Teams plan on OpenAI. I’d like to share my experience and offer some feedback and suggestions.

1. Transition vs. Upgrade: The shift from a personal to a Teams account felt more like moving to a different product rather than an upgrade. Previously, with my personal account, I configured specific GPT settings. However, since switching, these configurations have become inaccessible, with prompts to renew my personal subscription to continue editing them. My initial understanding was that upgrading would retain existing features while adding new ones. If it was never intended to be a direct upgrade, clarity on this matter would be appreciated.

2. Configuration Transfer: One significant challenge I’m facing is the inability to transfer my GPT configurations from my personal account to the Teams account. This separation necessitates recreating the configurations in Teams, which is not feasible without renewing the personal subscription. To address this, could there be an option for a one-time transfer of these settings? Alternatively, providing read-only access or including these settings in a data export option would be highly beneficial.

3. Integration of Personal and Team Plans: Lastly, I’d like to suggest an integration feature between personal and team plans. It would be advantageous if the account holder paying for the team plan automatically receives a complimentary upgrade to the “Plus” level. This upgrade should be exclusive to the account holder and not extend to invited team members. The intent is to streamline the experience for small business owners who manage both personal and team subscriptions. This integration could also address the issue of accessing or deleting old GPT configurations post-expiration of the personal plan.

Thank you for considering these points. I believe these changes could enhance the user experience, particularly for those transitioning between personal and team plans. I’m looking forward to your thoughts and any potential solutions.

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Please see:

it addresses many of your questions.


Thanks for the comprehensive write-up!

We have seen other issues with regards to the GPT store resolved already. I am hopeful that we will see a more seamless transition to the upgrade in the future.

And the way I see it, Team should be a definite upgrade compared to Plus.

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Thanks for the resource provided. However, it didn’t address the key issue of transferring GPT configurations from a personal to a Teams account. This functionality is crucial and currently missing.

Also, the term “upgrade” seems misleading. Transitioning from Personal to Teams feels more like purchasing a new product rather than an upgrade, with no clear upgrade path outlined. This needs more clarity, as also acknowledged by @vb in this discussion.

Hoping for more insight or solutions on these matters.

PS: The existing separation between Personal and Teams plans in OpenAI’s offerings still seems primarily tailored for enterprises or larger teams. This structure poses a challenge for small businesses like mine, where it’s neither practical nor cost-effective to maintain separate subscriptions for Personal and Teams. The moment I “upgraded” to Teams, I naturally downgraded my Personal account. A more integrated approach would be beneficial, offering a unified plan where resources and quotas can be shared between Personal and Teams accounts. Such a change would make OpenAI’s services more accessible and efficiently usable for small-scale operations, bridging the gap currently faced by small business owners. Or I just migrate all my previous conversations an GPTs over… that could be another solution.

As I do not have access to a ChatGPT Team account, I find this to be valuable feedback.

As a moderator I will do what I can to get this noticed by the OpenAI staff.

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