OpenAI Teams General questions


Can someone please share the specific details of Teams?

I went to upgrade but it asked for my email, it did not autofill with my current email. If I enter an email that is not my current email will I end up with an entirely new OpenAI account but for Teams in turn having to cancel my Plus sub?

I have already confirmed my domain name within my current Plus account. Will I be required to do that again? If I use an email other than the one currently registered? Will there be any conflicts as I have my company details currently entered in my Plus account.

Will I be able to change my email in my Teams account? If we can will I lose all my chats associated with my current Plus email?

Can I move all the chats or indeed the account, current Plus email account, to my new Teams account?

I am looking to shift everything over to company account and company emails now. Without losing anything on Plus account if possible.

Help greatly appreciated.

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Have you seen:

The topic includes links to all of the official information I am aware of related to ChatGPT Team.

Also the tag Topics tagged chatgpt-team includes links to all the topics related to ChatGPT Team so far.

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Thanks for your reply. I will wait until the correct migration processes are in place.

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