Unintended duplication / cloning of actions results in "Error saving draft"

Hi there.

PROBLEM: Sometimes, and I can’t quite figure out when/why, my GPT duplicates the existing action. It means I have two identical actions - which in itself is not a problem I guess - the issue is that whenever this happen, I cannot publish the GPT, nor does it save the draft, leaving it effectively stuck in time. Sometimes, there is even four duplicate actions.

My issue is similar to this one, but I have created a new post as the previous did 1) not make any mention of saving/publishing capabilities when encoutering this and 2) linked the duplication with oauth errors, which I have not been experiencing.

Deleting one of the clones - all the actions will be deleted then.
Creating fresh GPTs - duplication eventually happens again at some point.
Re-writing the action - still happens.
Another browser, incognito, no duplicate tabs when editing - still happens.

Does anyone have similar experience, and/or any suggestions for solutions?

//xoxo Me

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been having the same issue for 5 or so days, have seen others with the same issue. Hope it’s acknowledged soon as I can’t add any more actions to my assistant

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I’m still having this issue, is there a bug report submission tool?

I have resorted to working with two separate plugins, one that tests the action and the schema, and another version that saves a “perfect” action.