Error saving draft when adding API Key in Custom Action

Hello, for the last 48 hours, I am having issues saving draft when adding an API Key in the custom action Authentication form. Does anyone else has the same issue ?

Verify the API response from ChatGPT for detailed error messages, as they may not always appear in the UI. I encountered a similar issue where a duplicate action prevented saving changes. The API indicated this error. Resolving it required deleting both actions, then saving and re-adding them.

thank you very much for the help, realized someone posted the solution elsewhere, apologies for the duplicate. I paste the solution below:

The problem seems to be linked to the IP address being used. I attempted various solutions, including modifying actions, re-creating the GPT, and switching browsers and devices, but continued to encounter “Error saving draft” and “Internal Server Error” in the dev console.
Eventually, I resolved the issue by:

1. Connecting via a VPN, s
2. Clearing the browser cache and refreshing the GPT editing page.
3. Recreating the action.
4. Setting up bearer token authentication.

This allowed me to successfully save the draft.