Custom GPT: Actions appear to have been duplicated

Actions appear to have been duplicated, I can’t remove any

Additionally, oauth isn’t working

Everything appears to be set up correctly (client id, secret, auth and token urls, scopes…)

Schema was imported from:

After converting it from Discovery Document Format into Openapi 3.0

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Having the same issues at the moment, each one duplicated into a 2 or 3

  1. Click the icon on the right to see the config page.

  2. Click the deletion icon.

Make a backup of the one you are going to delete.

Your action config is conceptually wrong. You should not hit Google as your action destination, well, unless you are the Google guy who is making a GPT for Google.

I was also having this issue where the Action I was working on would duplicate. Be careful deleting them, as I deleted one, and after a refresh, they were both gone.

Same, they seem to be linked.
And at the same time, i have the “error saving draft” whenever they start to duplicate.

It’s still persistent. Every time I want to do some updates in Config. It happens. Only way is to delete the Actions completely, and insert it again. Annoying.

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I’m getting constant “Error Saving GPT” errors. I’ve searched the forum but most people say its because of the 10 File limit. I have 2 GPTs and one only has 9 and the other has none. Ive been adding a lot of Actions though, around 6 or 7. Sometimes I go into the GPT that has all the actions to make some changes and the actions are duplicated, thats when I know I’m getting the error as soon as I try and save it. The only way around this is deleting all the actions and then it lets me save it.

You can imagine how annoying that can get after setting up so many actions. Now I’m getting the same error on a GPT that has no actions on it. Is there a limit to characters in the instructions box maybe? Does anyone else have this problem?


There must be a bug in Actions. Hopefully patch on the way.


I have experienced the same issue. I have started saving my Instructions and Action config in a versioning system so I can easily recover previous functionality. This has helped a ton.

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I’m getting duplicate actions as well, particularly when I change OAuth settings. When I delete one action, it often deletes both of them.

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I’m having the same issue from several days, this bug slows down development a lot as you constantly need to backup instructions and actions.

is fixed? im try replicate but no luck

Nope, it’s not fixed. In my experience it happen randomly, even after some days, when you come back “edit GPT” and you find like 7 actions which are duplicates of your original one. ← this loops the GPT error = “cannot have multiple actions for same domain”