Unable to update logo of custom GPT with uploaded file

When I directly upload a file to be the profile photo of a custom GPT, it doesn’t work at all. When I upload the file in the GPT builder conversation and ask it to be used as the profile photo, it works but the logo file is now part of the RAG and the profile photo becomes broken after a short period.


I still can’t upload a photo to my custom GPT either. Is this a known issue?

what browser do you use? Try chrome or different one

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I have a similar problem my logo will upload then for some reason will not render correctly a few hours after, I have to upload again and again. I have tried diff file types and diff file sizes, and still same result

Come on OpenAI. Address this bug. I fear having the GPT builder generate a new idbge because it might create a worse one than the one I’m trying replace. We want to be able to create the image we want an upload it. When we upload images it doesn’t embed it in the same place as you embed the generated images. It adds it to our knowledge files.