The GPT logo that I uploaded is broken

I uploaded an image to use as the GPT logo but every few days it’s broken again so I need to ask the GPT builder to fix it. I also tried to tell him to remember the fix so I won’t need to do it again and again but it doesn’t seem to work…
Anyone encountered something similar? found a solution?

Haven’t heard of this yet. Have you searched the forum, is there any other case like this ?

Meanwhile as a solution try changing that particular logo to something else. Does it still break ?

I updated the logo again yesterday and today it’s broken again, this is how it looks when I say broken.

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t find anyone posting an issue like what I’m experiencing, I’ll try to upload a different image and see if it still happens.

That’s really surprising.

Can you confirm :

  • browser
  • logo file and extension, (upload it in your next reply)

It happened with the new file as well, Chrome browser and png files: