Unable to load history - Error keeps happening


I keep getting an error that says ‘Unable to load history’.

It resolves itself after some time (randomly), and happens again randomly. It has happened 3-4 times now.

I’ve reported this to support multiple times too, both via chat and email. Never received a resolution. Added it to a bug report in Discord too, no response.

It’s not a browser issue or a local issue: it persists across all my devices: two windows laptops and two android devices (browser login).

Clearing cookies or cache or logging out and back in doesn’t seem to do anything.

Please advise a proper fix for this. Thank you.

I’ve attached a screenshot:

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try it

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I’m having the exact issue, its not the browser.

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Sorry, it is not working.

I tried the below methods that are not working:

  1. Clear Browser Cache And Cookies
  2. Disable Your VPN
  3. Try To Use A Different Browser
  4. Disable Extensions
  5. Contact Open.ai Support Team
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