Unable to delete my fine-tuned model


I think this is my first post here, and I’m asking for help because I can’t seem to delete a fine-tuned model no matter what I do.

First of all, to make my situation more specific, I’m using a personal account. I’ve been issued a project API key and have been using it to fine-tune my models.

As you may know, after several rounds of fine-tuning, you end up with multiple models, so I wanted to delete the remaining models in favor of the final one. I followed OpenAI’s fine-tuning guide and used the client.model.delete method.

But here’s where I ran into a problem. The model is not deleted with the message shown below.
Below is the error message.

“error”: {
“message”: “You have insufficient permissions for this operation. Missing scopes: api.delete. Check that you have the correct role in your organization (Owner), and if you’re using a restricted API key, that it has the necessary scopes.”,
“type”: “server_error”,
“param”: null,
“code”: null

Clearly, it’s my account and the members section shows that I have the owner role. Meanwhile, I tried creating a new project API key and got the same result.

If any of you have encountered a similar situation to mine, I would appreciate your help.

Translated with DeepL (free version)

Being an “owner” in this case means using an API key that is not a project key, but what is now called a “user” key for default organization.

Delete has never worked as expected, and is not in the API reference. It can make a fine-tuning non-functional, but it still remains in the models endpoint listing.