Unable to Create a Second Account for Work

I am trying to create an account for the university I work for and when I do, it gives me an error stating:" The phone number is already linked to the max number of accounts."

In the help documentation, it states I can have two accounts associated with the same phone number but it is not allowing me to register a second account with my cell phone number. I currently only have one account using that number.

I am trying to develop a chatbot for the university and need to sign up a separate account with their billing info, outside of my personal account. The university I work for only has landlines so I am unable to use a different number. Please advise on how to move forward with creating the additional account.


Jess1, did you ever figure out what to do with this? Did support get back to you? It’s been 7 weeks?

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No they did not. I ended up having to use a different cell phone number.

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I have only a single cellphone for work and personal use. So our solution is to lie?

I used my kids cellphone to sign up since it requires to send you a code, it has to be a real phone number.