Two-Factor Authentication is Missing in Settings

Issue: Two-Factor Authentication is Missing under Data-Controls in Settings

Login: Utilizes “Continue with Google” which uses Google email address to login to my Google Account.
Summary: Unable to download ChatGpt Plugins that require Two-Factor authentication. When attempting to turn on Two-Factor in Settings >Data Controls, that option is missing. This same thing is happening across all browsers (Chorome, Firefox & Edge) when checking settings in ChatGpt.

i have a ChatGPT Plus subscription as well.

Google Extensions & ChatGPT plugins: I already tested disabling all extensions & plugins, and the issue persists.

What could be causing this. Is Two-factor not available officially right now?


I’m having the same problem right now. Did you ever get this resolved? Thanks

+1 Though maybe if you have it on in Google, that’s why?

Yep I am facing that problem too… And I use a chatGPT account, not Google one. Can anyone help me get the missing 2FA option back? Thanks!

I have the same issue, openai account registred by mail. No 2FA option available, since the beginning

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Same here, the option is missing from the menu.
And I need to write another sentence, because the forum system doesn’t accept only the first (?)

I have the same issue as @pca3417 .
And I need to write another sentence too …

same here… registered via email, active GTP Plus subscription. No option to enable 2FA.

Me too. I have not linked my account, just the bare openAI account and no 2FA.
It seems to be important, as hackers are increasingly active with ChatGPT.

As of Monday, June 12 2023, new 2FA/MFA enrollments are temporarily paused.

This is very frustrating. I cannot install some important plugins because OpenAI is requiring 2FA, but there’s no way to enable it.

I thought maybe this was because I logged in via Google Authenticate, so I actually cancelled my subscription and deleted my account — which led to a big headache because then i couldn’t verify using my mobile number (OpenAI won’t release the old account details when you delete the account.)

I’ve wasted a stupid amount of time on this., It would be very helpful if you communicated your plans to your user base and to your plugin developers.


Please re-enable the enrollment ability or AT LEAST elaborate on why this decision is being taken… As a ChatGPT Plus member, security of my data should have the highest priority. It’s 2023.


Any updates on this? It’s quite important…


Another small company that doesn’t have the money to re-enable the 2FA feature or at least explain the reason for disabling it. What do you do then?

I am having the same issue and cannot move forward. Can someone help?

I want to reset my 2FA.

I had it bug out in the settings so I disabled 2FA, but it did not actually change any settings. It just showed up one time randomly in the settings.

Im resetting all 2FAs and seems like all the services have problems with it.

If you disable 2FA for your OpenAI account you will not be able to turn it back on.

This has been the case for a while and you need to consider the ramifications if you make a choice to disable it.

Sorry, I can’t give you a better answer right now. I have lost my 2FA due to such an issue so I can relate.