2FA for OpenAI account?


DALL-E2 is creating a waaaay bigger buzz than GPT-3 did. Unfortunately though, more people getting attracted will also mean more hackers getting attracted. I’d have a lot more peace of mind knowing I can’t ever wake up to a banned account that someone generated illegal stuff on.

When is 2FA coming for regular accounts that just log in through an email address? I’m sure it’s already a possibility when using Google/Microsoft login as that’d ask for the 2FA of the respective service.

I don’t want to create a new account through Google/Microsoft either, since this one is all set up with my payment info already.


Any update to when this will be added?


Actually i’m not willing to open a payed account with my credit card information, containing potentially very important information to me from previous searches, if i’m not able to enable 2FA.

Please consider to add two factor authentification asap.

Unfortunately i’m bound to classic web search and stackoverflow for now :frowning:

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I also don’t want to enter my credit card information to my account without having 2FA. If OpenAI announces 2FA I probably will pay for ChatGPT (GPT4)

If you use Google login and have 2FA on your Google account, this produces essentially the same result as email + 2FA.