Enabling 2FA for OpenAI account

I can’t find the instructions on setting up multi, or two factor authentication for my OpenAI account.

Obviously this doesn’t mean there is no such feature, as in 2023, no company would be silly enough to expose it’s users and itself to the consequences of so obviously not promoting basic security.

And any basic user would also expect such a feature. After all, we’re not amateurs. And it would be a gift for Uk based newspaper headlines in the Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail etc. Not to say The Register.

So it will be a communications issue and the instructions need to be made more prominent.

Over to you, team OpenAI.


Dual Auth enabled itself for another account I use at work. Now I cant use it anymore but we are still getting charged. There are others with the same issue. If we did not setup dual auth how can we recover access? Support takes forever to respond.

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