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So do I get it correctly that with the introduction of Team plan, it is now impossible to restrict your data from being used for training? I mean, you can if you’re ready to lose your history in the same step. That’s a serious downgrade in the Plus plan I believe.


Could you please share a link to an official OpenAI page that notes this?


That has always been the case with the Plus plan, Enterprise and the API used to be the only other ways of not having your data be used for training.

The addition of the Team Plan has added a feature, not removed it.

ChatGPT Team:

ChatGPT Plus:


I haven’t found any official statement on this. Here’s what I know:

  • Plus plan data used to be private (as opposed to free access)
  • Now the “excluded from training” is only present near Team plan (see the screen)
  • And the training is linked with history in Plus plan settings (see the screen)

If you can link to that, I’d be interested in seeing it.

Plus was only ever a priority service for ChatGPT access, and it comes with beta access to new products that OpenAI are testing.

If you do not wish your data to be trained on you can turn off the chat history feature and your data will not be used . Data that is used for training is anonymised first.


Here’s a blog post from April introducing the feature of disabling training data through ChatGPT Plus.

We’ve introduced the ability to turn off chat history in ChatGPT. Conversations that are started when chat history is disabled won’t be used to train and improve our models, and won’t appear in the history sidebar.

I can agree that it’s a bit annoying that you need to pay $5 or $10/month more, but this is a new offering that bridges the gap between Plus and Enterprise.


Thanks for your patient comments. It must have been the figment of my memory then.

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You don’t necessarily have to be wrong. Some information just changes overnight with this company.

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The closest to the posted image that I find is from this link

Learn more links to Enterprise privacy

While not the same as the image, much of the same info is found on this page

ChatGPT Pricing

Thanks for the reply.

Just to add a bit more clarification to that.

ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus are considered individual plans and ChatGPT Team and ChatGPT Enterprise are considered business plans.

See: ChatGPT Pricing

If one navigates to Terms & policies they can see all of the policies but must read the corresponding statement for each to understand what the policy really covers.

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By my comment I meant a link to where ChatGPT Plus had no training on data as one of the features of the $20/mo

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Perhaps this: ChatGPT Pricing

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