Data privacy for latest features (GPTs and Assistants)

Hi all! Curious what the exact data privacy policies are for the new GPTs and Assistant APIs. Will OpenAI be able to keep the data used to create GPTs/assistants or the content created via interaction with them?

Up until you delete the data

OpenAI will retain language data for up to 30 days for purposes such as enforcing policy violations.

API model use is not used for training.

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In your gpts, you can uncheck the box “Use conversation data in your GPT to improve our models” to prevent OpenAI from using your conversations to train its models

Well hidden option :wink:


I’m not quite sure if using data to train models refers to training the GPTs model here with me, which would only affect this GPT, or if it refers to training the underlying general model of OpenAI.

It refers to adding conversational data such as user inputs and quality of AI replies to datasets that might be used for pretraining or fine-tuning other AI models in the future.