Are chats with GPTs created by business/team users used to train models?


This seems like a pretty basic question but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer. I have a Team account, and I know my chats aren’t used to train the models. And I know that if internal users use GPTs I create under my Team account, those chats aren’t used to train the models. But are chats with a GPT created using a Team account by users who are not on the Team plan used to train the models?

I found this line - “When builders customize their own GPT with actions or knowledge, the builder can choose if user chats with that GPT can be used to improve and train our models.” - on this page - - but in my Settings I don’t see any option for this.

Basically I’m wondering if I need to create a ChatGPT Team user for every team member to ensure data privacy, even if some of them are only going to use (not create) GPTs.

Let me know if I’m missing something! Thank you!

GPT Settings (no options for model training):

It has nothing to do with who created the GPT, but rather with who is using the GPT.

If the user of the GPT is on a Teams or Enterprise account then, by default, the chats with that GPT will not be used for training purposes.

If the user is a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, then by default the chats will be used for training unless that user opts out by turning off their chat history in settings.

Good catch, this could be clarified in the docs.

From my understanding of the product description and the Enterprise service terms:

We never train on your business data or conversations

all conversations with Custom GPTs that belong to a Team account should be exempt from training since the instructions, knowledge files or information retrieved via actions belong to the account holder.

Otherwise conversations between non Team account users and the GPT can be reviewed by a human to ensure compliance with the ToS.

Only if the custom GPT is only shared within the team. Emphasis added,

Service terms
(b) Distribution and Promotion of GPTs. By sharing your GPT with others, you grant a nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license: (i) to OpenAI to use, test, store, copy, translate, display, modify, distribute, promote, and otherwise make available to other users all or any part of your GPT (including GPT Content); and (ii) to the extent Output from your GPT includes your GPT Content, to users of your GPT to use, store, copy, display, distribute, prepare derivative works of and otherwise use your GPT Content. You will ensure that all information that you publish about your GPT is, at all times, complete, accurate, and not misleading.

If you share the GPT with people outside your team, any content you upload is essentially up for grabs if the GPT outputs it.


Yes, that tells a different story. It’s still disaligned with this statement:

We never train on your business data or conversations

I think this can be more clear.

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Well… once you share it is stops being your business data!


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Thank you both! It sounds like to be safe I should create a Team user within our org for anyone who will use one of our GPTs. Agree this could be more clear.

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