Too many requests, but I haven't sent any

I am trying to set up TTS in my project but it keeps telling me I’ve sent too many requests, even though I had sent none before trying this for the first time. The table under organization/limits shows that I should be able to send 3 requests per minute or 200 per day, so how am I going over the limit?

Hi there!

Based on the limits you are referring to, it sounds like you may be currently in the “Free Tier”.

Note that OpenAI has in recent months discontinued free trial credits. As a result, you now must add a minimum balance of USD 5 to your user account in order to be able to use the API. Adding this, would place you under Tier 1 and increase your limit for the regular tts model to 50 requests per day.

You can add funds to your account under: Settings > Organization > Billing.

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So, to clarify, there is no longer a free tier and we now need to pay, despite the account limit page showing that we should be able to use it for free. Maybe the devs should update that to avoid this confusion?

Thanks for your help @jr.2509

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No worries.

The USD 5 limit you see is simply a default limit that is set at the point of the account creation. As OpenAI has migrated the majority of users to pre-paid billing the limit is no longer an indicator of the funds available to spend.

So bottom line: yes, you need to add a minimum of USD 5 to get going. :slight_smile: