[api.openai.generateAudioAction] Error: 429 You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details

When calling api.openai.generateAudioAction. … I get Error:429 … I am new to this and following a tutorial. I see my credit is $0.00 but my usage also showing nothing (requests are all 0). I do not see any loop or multiple times of calling in my code. Some articles also suggesting about Rate Limit but I don’t see any data suggesting over it (usage ara all 0 in requests, etc). How do I overcome this? Or we must pay to use the API even for beginners learning? TIA

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You need to add a minimum of USD 5 to your API / developer account in order to start using the API. You can top-up your balance under Settings > Organization > Billing.

Isn’t that there is $5 free credit? I don’t see any usage on dashboard but my balance is $0.00 …

Free credits were phased out by OpenAI earlier this year. Sorry!